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Anti-Aging Tool by Treats


Tired of trying every new fitness gadget and expensive product on the market to no avail? It's time to deal with the root of the problem. Our micro-current stimulator is designed to sculpt all your problem areas in one simple step! You'll enjoy salon-quality results without pain or bruising. Let our device unfold all your hidden beauty.

From tender lines to deep creases, our device has your number. You can say goodbye to painful injectables and surgical lifts with no fuss! Using micro-current to stimulate collagen production at the cellular level with pulsed energy to lift, tone, and rejuvenate your skin, you can look dramatically younger and more beautiful!

Why get yours?

  • Premium quality: Featuring red, blue, and green LED light, radio frequency technology, and a range of digital processing techniques, this instrument rejuvenates aging skin, increases collagen synthesis, and makes your face plump and elastic, delicate and shiny.
  • Get glowing, younger-looking skin: Skin aging and facial contour defects, imperfections, acne scars - solve all these stubborn problems with just one product! This instrument exudes a graceful feminine ethos, plus it's easy to use. You will love the results!
  • Long-lasting: Don't get burned! Spark your cores, lift your tones, and firm your skin with a product this powerful. With a sleek, ergonomic design and an exclusive appearance, this beauty tool is made from the highest quality materials and will last you an amazingly long time! 
  • Multi-functional: Pulse your way into looking your best with this micro-current instrument. With added radio frequency, heat massager, and vibration, this mask provides painless lifting, brightening, and a 300% increase in the absorption of skincare products or face masks.

Why make multiple visits to the spa? Let us pamper you! Our contour micro-current lifting system gives you high-end results in the comfort of your home. The lifting 

system helps tone and tighten your skin, while you treat yourself to restorative health benefits.

We have a tool that delivers great results in a short period of time.

No matter how much you believe in miracles, this one will surprise you.

Don't wait; get yours today!