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DMK Enzyme Treatment for ACNE

Every DMK Treatment begins with our unique Enzyme Therapy.

Many enzyme and coenzyme (vitamin) activities in the skin control its normal functions. For example, the enzyme collagenase helps regulate collagen fibers' synthesis. If collagenase is destroyed by an invasion of aggressive treatment–such as the acne drug Accutane, collagen fibers rush rapidly to any site of trauma to the skin such as laser resurfacing or acid peels.

The result may be a keloid or hypertrophic scar, which is one of the reasons the conventional phenol acid or trichloroacetic acid peels left the patient’s skin looking plastic or waxy.

The NORMAL proliferation of collagen fibers was accelerated and rushed to the surface to participate in the repair and remodeling of the skin too quickly.

Because they do not operate on a pH factor like acids, many enzymes can be applied topically to the skin that will only remove the build-up of dead skin cells often misdiagnosed as “dry skin.” Such behavior relieves wrinkles and releases gases, impurities, and other effluvia from the skin.

This type of treatment can result in fundamentally younger and tighter skin. It is not a case of “how many enzymes are used in the formulation” to accomplish this, but the stimulation of enzyme activity in the skin itself. If the correct formulations of enzymes are applied to the skin, hydrolysis of the dead cells and the impurities burdening the living cells begins in about twenty minutes.

This focus enables us to help those who want to revise problem skin and those who simply want to maintain a healthy balance that will last for years.


The DMK Acne Kit assists in balancing oil production and killing bacteria.

These products penetrate the pores to kill existing P. acne bacteria while preventing further breakouts.

Use the enclosed ACU System to help you combat acne at home.

This Fundamental Kit includes A 30-day supply of DMK Skincare™ home prescriptives.