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One of life’s simple pleasures is removing the layers of clothing after a long day, walking out onto the cool floor, and wrapping yourself in a robe made from luxury materials.


We invite you to throw off your shoes, slip into one of our robes, and feel the immense comfort that comes from knowing that your robe was meticulously crafted to provide warmth without sacrificing style.


Whether Traveling or taking a Nap in your Bed this robe/kimono is perfect for any activity.

Handmade, hand printed, hand stitched in Indonesia.


These one of a kind robes have been hand stitched from free size 100% cotton fabric.

Each design is unique and handmade, so no two robes will be the same.


The printing techniques used may vary slightly from robe to robe as well as the cut of the fabric.


There is plenty of room on the inside of the garment so you can wear bulky layers on cold days!


These popular lightweight kimonos are great for wearing around the house or wrapping up in after a shower or bath. If you need a larger size please contact me.