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Skin Brightening System

This system will leave your skin absolutely gorgeous, according to science! Well, gorgeous isn’t exactly a scientific term, but let’s see what science can show us. The system is super simple to use and has three steps. We’ll break down how each one contributes to your skin looking it’s most luminous below.

– Cleanser: Our Salicylic Acid Face and Body Wash was proven to significantly reduce hyperpigmentation and help your skin look plumper and younger. It also uses coconut oil to keep your skin hydrated while doing all of its work underneath the surface. You can even use it to tame those annoying body breakouts!
 Serum: Our Vita-Soothe serum is specially designed to combat hyperpigmentation and dark spots on your skin. And it does! It uses a super-strength antioxidant to decrease age spots and other discolorations on the facial skin.
– Moisturizer: Finally, the Vita-C 20 moisturizing cream firms the skin while hydrating, and helps to even skin tone. The result? Your skin is soft, even-toned, and glowing.

As a bonus, the entire regimen is free of parabens, dyes, artificial fragrances, and other ingredients that are known to irritate your skin. And if you’re into numbers, 87% of people who used this regimen noticed a decrease in dark spots, while there was a 100% improvement in skin radiance and brightening and in skin smoothness. Also, after just three months of use, 93% also saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Who can argue with that kind of proof?